Coaching Team

Maylin Wende is 28 years old Olympic athlete in pair skating. She is also a qualified technical specialist for single and pair skating.






Maylin and her husband Daniel Wende (32 years) participated in the Olympic games in 2010 and 2014. Since 2014 they are coaching single and pair skating in Oberstdorf, Germany.





Alina Mayer-Virtanen is 30 years old and she is skating in international level in single skating. She is coaching single skating since 2013 in Oberstdorf, Germany and studying psychology in the university.





Her husband, Valtter Virtanen, is 29 years old and he has been participating several Europeans in single skating. He is doctor of medicine and he is coaching and giving athletics lessons since 2015.





Steffen Hörmann is 29 years old and he has skated in international level in single and pair skating until 2006. During 2006-2015 he has been working in Disney on ice and he is now working as choreographer and coach in Stuttgart and Oberstdorf.